17 May 2006

Cannes It Be True? Da Vinci Code Slated By Critics Shocker!

The film has now been seen by the critics. The words being used are "dud", "stodgy", "grim" and "wieldy". The plot is described as "cumbersome" and "plodding", while Tom Hanks gets called "wooden". Daily Variety attacks the film as "an oppressively talky film that isn't exactly dull but comes as close to it as one could imagine with such provocative material". Who'd have thought respected actor Tom Hanks would have his performance and film out shone by former wrestler The Rock, as his film Southland Tales has been nominated for the Palme d'Or. That makes director Richard Kelly, of Donnie Darko fame, the youngest person ever to be shortlisted for the award. It seems with all the hype of the film, critics are also coming out and slating the book too. Novelist John Mortimer dismisses the novel as "unreadable". He clarifies this by saying "The first page is terrible. It is so badly written, it couldn't be read by anyone who respects the English language". Even Edwina Currie said she found it impossible to get past the first page! She complains "It is extremely badly written - full of cliches. It was actually painful to read".

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