23 May 2006

Behold the Final 6 Bottles of Malibu Lime in the World!

In July 2003, whilst holidaying in the tropical paradise of Barbados I fulfilled one of my life's ambitions. I know I've mentioned I went snorkeling with sea turtles but this was far bigger than that. I went to the Malibu distillery! Having been on the island a few days I was already away of the hedonistic delights on an unheard of variety of Malibu, Malibu Lime. Same rum, just with lime instead of coconut. It has been kept so secret there are less than a handful of pages about it on the 'net and I've had to update the Wikipedia entry for it today. Strange really because it was very very good. Despite the high alcohol tax we bought a bottle before the tour and as we finished and sipped our complimentary freshly made Malibu Lime cocktail, they regrettably informed us that it was being discontinued that day! Why? The islanders loved it, the tourists loved it, the French were not fussed. Ah. It seems the only other place you could buy it was in clubs in France and they didn't take to it. We rushed back to the shop only to find that *all* the bottles had gone.

Over the following two years we nursed our final litre, reluctant to finish it off. Every holiday I would traipse around the off-licences looking in desperation for another bottle (well, that's not the only reason as I always bring back enough spirits to stun a baby elephant). After three years of pointless looking and no sight of it on the king of car boot sales, eBay, I struck gold! In a nice family run off licence in the capital of Kos I discovered the in the world! Correction, the last three bottles of Malibu Lime in the world :-) A quick spin of the bottle and all the writing on the back is in French - they don't know what they are missing! One bottle was devoured whilst in Kos and the other two are currently under 24 hour armed guard in my flat. One other shop had four more bottles (just down from Kosta's, the best kebab place in Kos in case you are thinking of flying out to get some), which means there are a confirmed seven bottles left in the world. Out of interest I wouldn't accept £100 for one of my remaining bottles!last six bottles of Malibu Lime