12 May 2006

Attention BBC: Kelvin Out! Respect the 96 Lost at Hillsborough

This has really annoyed me. The BBC are *paying* disgraced former Scum editor (Sun editor) Kelvin MacKenzie to host two documentaries on Radio Five Live called World Cup Scandals. This man should never be allowed to work for a public company, let alone in the field of football. Why? He was the "brutal editor" (Piers Morgan's words) who printed heinous lies about the Liverpool fans' actions during the Hillsborough disaster. He also took great pleasure in printing "Gotca" on the front page to celebrate the death of a large crew as the Belgrano was sunk during the Falklands War. I would urge any self respecting football fan or anyone who has respect for the truth and human life to lodge an official complaint to the BBC to try to get these two programmes pulled. They are due to be broadcast on the 27th May and 3rd June. Here's the complaint I left:

I am disgusted to learn that disgraced journalist Kelvin MacKenzie is being paid with my license fee to host two football documentaries after his heinous behaviour and lack of respect for the 96 poor souls who lost their lives at Hillsborough. As a publicly funded organisation the BBC should up hold high moral standards and not allow pay or give airtime to a man who has caused such pain and suffering to thousands of grieving families and friends. I respectfully request that due to the insensitive nature of his casting the programmes be pulled or replaced with a different person. You would never disrespect the lives of the fallen soldiers by having Kelvin do a piece of relations with Argentina, nor should be have anything to do with the football world.

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