11 April 2006

We Need Specialist Police To Beat & Torture Innocent People

The Scotsman has ran with the headline that Scottish forces are looking to recruit more police officers from eastern European countries. That's just what we need. Tony Blair has already scrapped our right to silence, removed the need for us to be charged to be held indefinitely, taken away our right to a trial by jury and even made certain evidence a state secret so we can't seen what made us guilty! Now we are going to get police from countries such as Turkey where they still use torture or Bulgaria where a circumstantial evidence convicts a man to 18 years in jail when another man freely admits he did it! The final piece of the latest series of Bremner, Bird and Fortune really spelt out the changes that have been brought in "to protect us from the nasty terrorist living under the bed", so long as we don't mind living in an Orwellian society. The only thing I can hope is with the right-leaning Spanish President Anzar Lopez gone and now the right-leaning Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi gone, maybe our country can get rid of its tainted right-leaning God-loving dictator. If only we were situated in the Middle East then we'd have better weather and the UN might have intervened at the destruction of our freedoms (but the South of England would still have a hosepipe ban). The sooner Scotland gets its birth right of full independence the better.

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