7 April 2006

Save The Piggies? Bite Me

Here's the situation as I see it. You can't now eat eggs or poultry due to this bird flu hysteria (you have to feel sorry for Asda who have had all their chicken products proudly labelled "sourced from Scotland"). Beef is out because of mad cow disease and you shouldn't go near vegetables because of all the genetically modified craziness that is corrupting the gene pool. This leaves pork - unless of course your religion prevents you from eating it. This means the only possible other food source left is ... each other!

1 comment:

  1. What about turkey drummers, I don't think they have any eggs, poultry, meat or veg in them.
    So thats it then, it's inevitable, Bernard Matthews will one day rule the world, someone better tell Tony, he'll be mighty pissed...!