1 April 2006

PhillG is to Close

t is with a very heavy heart I bring you this sad but inevitable news. This days was always coming and almost one year into my most recent online adventure, here we are. This site has evolved significantly over the past year and while I do like the interaction with people who read it, it has strayed away from what it should really be about. The “phillg” you see on this site is not really me, it’s a projection of what people expect of me, it’s not who I really am. To that extent I take the decision to close phillg.com for good rather than continue pretending I’m someone I’m not.

The great news is that I’m opening a new site, starting today, that is far more in tune with what I originally wanted out of a website. No more giving in to demands from friends for new content, this new site just be about expressing what’s really on my mind. Now I have great pleasure in inviting you to join me for the launch of my new website

Best of luck, in all your future endeavours.

Phill G (for the last time here)


  1. Phill, you certainly are a Phillomenon! Well done for your recent efforts, feeding us with classic comedy, critical thinking and an amazing array of party snaps!

    I will miss you..............................but I have one last request. Could you be my Bangkok Ladyboy?

  2. Yoohoo!

    Phill(omena), I've always felt an intimacy between you and I and finally our love can be now be legitimate. I simply can't wait for the swelling to go down.

    Meanwhile, I think you have made one huge oversight in your list of categories on PhillomenaG.com (which are hilarious by the way) - no handbag section! Perhaps you could add "Handbags & Cometics"?. While your at it, why not add "Gossip & Bitching" and "Incescent Whinging & The Silent Treatment"?

  3. You could also add "My Belt Fetish". (Don't deny it).