11 April 2006

OMG Millward Has Been Sacked!

No fancy amusing title here, just shock (no awe). Ian Millward has been sacked as coach of my team (I own them), the Wigan Warriors after just six months in charge *and* having joined from Wigan's bitterest of rivals, St Helens. Several new players came in during the winter and Andy Farrell left to switch codes but so far this season we have only won one of our eight Super League games. Millward did stunning things with St Helens, he turned them into World Champions yet he managed to miss out on the play offs last year and put us rock bottom of the table so far this year. Was it all a cunning plan by Saints to pretend to sack their coach for swearing and have him join their local rivals only for him to humiliate them? I doubt it, Millward is one of the very best. How can we replace him? First off I'd start by stealing Wigan's own legend Shaun Edwards from his position as head coach with Rugby Union side Wasps. Maybe then splash a bit of cash around to get a replacement forward (as all of ours are injured) and then a world class scrum half, someone good enough to polish the boots of that guy from the 80s/90s, Shaun somebody...

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