22 April 2006

Mourinho Accepts Tetley Sponsorship; Now Always Bitter

As predicted Liverpool complete a wonderful FA Cup double triumph in Manchester of all places by beating Chelsea 2-1 to reach the final against either Middlesbrough or West Ham (playing tomorrow). Despite Liverpool, especially Harry Kewell, playing better than Chelsea, the real reason they lost the game was due to asinine tactics to start with. Liverpool capitalised on two unusual poor defensive mistakes, the first by Lampard failing to stay in the wall, to give themselves a great chance to make the final. Chelsea got their goal from two poor defensive mistakes in the same move, with Riise and Reina at fault. What annoyed me most was every time a Chelsea player was touched they just dropped dead to the ground and got a free kick. Even the commentators noted that it seems the shoulder charge has been banned, especially against Chelsea.

It is very strange and boring that this was the *tenth* time Liverpool have played Chelsea in the last two years and guess what the opening game of next season will be ... Liverpool vs Chelsea in the Community Shield (FA Cup winners vs. Premiership Champions). I hope Middlesbrough win to get through to the final as it means they get into Europe next year by a secret bat-cave route. A good friend of mine Andy (you wouldn't believe that by some of the comments on this site!) is a big Middlesbrough fan but I have no doubt Liverpool will triumph against whoever wins the other semi final. If we can knock out Man Utd and Chelsea on the way to final we are not going to fail at the last hurdle. Expect a jubilant link back to this post on May 14th!

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