4 April 2006

He's Younger, Fitter, Speaks Better Spanish and Has An X in His Name!

I was wandering around in cyber space the other day when I came across another great blog. As the title says the author is younger than me, certainly a million times fitter, can speak fluent Spanish (but can he count to ten in Japanese?) and has such a cool first name it even has an X in it! What more could you want from a blogger? Oh yeah, he can score from 75 yards out and is arguably the best passer of the ball in Europe. He is of course, Xabi Alonso. His latest entry talks about the return of Momo Sissoko and the trouble he seems to be having with them. If they are uncomfortable then I'm sorry Momo you are just going to have to deal with it, it's for your own safety. If they are still steaming up either drill a tiny hole in each lens to let the warm air out. Either that or drive down to London and borrow a few pair from Edgar Davids! There's no update yet about his stunning ball to Cisse for our second goal at the weekend and his overall man-of-the-match display. One thing I (well, Neil) would love to know from Xabi (or any of the Spanish contingent in Liverpool) is this: during training I assume Rafa only speaks English, but during the game when he pulls you to the touchline to give you instructions does he talk in English or Spanish? Not a big deal at all really, just an interesting question.

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