5 March 2006

Sir David Attenborough Is Right: Planet Earth is Mind Blowing!

Not a phrase you usually associate with Sir David Attenborough but the morning before Planet Earth launches on BBC1 (Sunday at 9pm, repeat on Saturday at 6.30pm on BBC2) he said the series contains footage that will “blow your mind”. Do you know what? He's exactly right. The first episode showed a heard of over 3 million mamals from the air, a flock of one species of bird that contains every single one of that species and a great white shark leap several metres out the water while snapping a seal that was slowed by forty times – all in exceptional quality. If you haven't watched it yet don't miss the repeat and just to get you interested, he's a wallpaper that shows one of the remaining forty wild amur leopards left in the world (there's a second one in the show too, but it's heart-breaking to think a species will soon disappear out of existence because of humans).
Wild Amur Leopard

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