19 March 2006

The Shield Ends in 2007, Not 21st March 2006.

I am delighted to confirm that The Shield *will* be back this year. On Tuesday there is a big season finale on the US channel Fx and it is being billed as bringing everything round to conculsion, notably the resolution of the massive incident in the very first episode. Shawn Ryan was interviewed on Fresh Air (a radio show on National Public Radio in the US and online) and confirmed there will be ten further episodes of this series either being screened in the states in Autumn (that's Fall to any US readers) or possible hold them off to an artificial sixth series next year. Half way through making those next ten episodes he will decide whether or not to wrap everything up then or do one final series. As they are being filmed in a few weeks time (April 2006) I would imagine if the show comes back this year it will mean there will be on final series in 2007, if not I'm guessing that the last ten being held off will be the final episodes. I'm preparing myself for this great show to end next year. No word on when five (nee Channel Five) in the UK will start screening the fifth series.

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