5 March 2006

A Right Handed Carving Fork Is For A Left Handed Person?

I was wandering around Livingston today and came across a very sharp Kitchen Devils carving fork. It may not surprise many people, but I already have a carving fork but this one had such a fantastic grip on it I was desperate to get it (even more so when I found it was reduced from £15 to £3)! After a quick discussion with KT, off it went back to its shelf :-( You see the flaw in the design was as follows. Yes it does have a fantastic grip for a right handed person (like the vast majority of us are) however when you are carving meat you place you bestest knife in your right hand and you have the carving fork in your left. This fork was designed to be used right handed but ironically for a left handed person. I almost bought it for a very good friend of mine p5ychofox, but sadly I remembered he's a vegetarian and doesn't have much need for a carving fork. On the same trip I also came across this interesting wine rack. At full price of £250 each bottle of wine you put in there would have to be worth at least £20 each just for the wine (the object you are storing) to be worth more than the container. An interesting dilemma if there's a fire: which to take the wine of the unit?

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