2 March 2006

Ming Wins; Is David Cameron the Odd Man Out?

Sir Mingis Campbell (look it's spelled Menzies but I don't want any person with no Scottish knowledge pronouncing it Men-zies) has just won the leadership contest of the Lib Dems. Inevitable tabloid headlines are bound to follow the second he does something ruthless, calling him Ming the Merciless. Does that mean in the next election after Blair is succeeded by Brown we'll finally have a nickname for the Chancellor - "Flash"?

The BBC has two excellent pages about Ming, notably this one explaining why his name is pronounced Mingis (it's to do with a letter that doesn't exist anymore, a yogh) and this one analysing what the collective name should be for his backers. If anybody doesn't get the joke in the final line of that article, visit this site the OED's BBC Word Hunt page.

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