24 March 2006

Liverpool Certain To Win FA Cup

Before I start, let me say I swear this was written *before* the draw took place, but it's now been changed to reflect the fact that we are playing Chelsea. Put simply Liverpool have been to two cup finals under Rafa, won one and lost one. First one we played in we lost against Chelsea in the final (League Cup), despite scoring in the opening minute. The more important cup we won, the European Cup (or Champions' League if you must), we played Chelsea in the semi finals and beat them before going on to win the final (in what was the arguably the greatest final ever). This time around I *know* we are going to get Chelsea in the semi final draw today (and indeed we did), therefore we'll beat them again in the semis and go on to win the final in May. You can bet you liver on it :-)


  1. It's simple, Chelsea are the best team left in the FA cup, therefore you do not want to play them until the final. Surely making it to the final and loosing is better than making it to the semis and loosing....!
    Football can not always be judged on previous performances, otherwise England would have won the world cup again by now.... Which they haven't (sorry, tenuous I know but I just wanted to get that in). :o)

  2. Here's hoping for a Boro v Liverpool final.