12 March 2006

I Said “Beware the Ice of March”

Like most of the top half of the UK I awoke to a lovely blanket of snow covering the view from my bedroom. Not that any of the people involved could actually do anything about it, but I did warn them to “Beware the Ice of March”. I managed to steal a couple of extra pictures from the recent snow escapades, here's a car sliding across the East End and here's a rather beautiful Dickens-esque building (both pictures captured by Neil McRobie). Back to the fulfilment of my prophecy. First off KT's parents phoned at 10am saying they couldn't actually leave their house. The snow was heavy the cars were snowed in and the roads impossible to get to. Admittedly this was the other side of the Forth so it's not too unusual. Let's try a little bit closer to home. At 6am I got up with a throbbing bladder and saw the white wonderland outside. My good friend Neil McRobie however was just arriving at Edinburgh airport to wait for his flight to España. Sadly after a four hour wait while the airport (and Glasgow airport too) was closed, he was informed his flight was cancelled and he should just go home :-( Finally on a more suicidal note my mother (me ma) phoned me to tell me she had lots of snow and the roads were closed in Liverpool. She then informed me that at midday a car went down her road (which has quite a slope to it) and it had it's boot open. “What fallen goodies did you manage to grab?” I asked. “Nothing” she replied. You see out of the boot there was a tow rope and at the end of that rope there was a sledge with two children sitting on it! As if driving on ice/snow down a hill wasn't bad enough but poisoning your children with your exhaust fumes and risking them coming smashing into the back of your car as they can't control their braking is tantamount to reckless endangerment. Of course, maybe the children had been naughty and this was his way of punishing them as he can't smack them anymore...

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