9 March 2006

I'm Off to See Nessie the Ephalump!

What a great job I have at SNIPEF! Rather than being chained to my desk I'm currently on the banks of Loch Ness monster spotting. I learnt yet another new fact today. Last time I was here I found out that Loch Ness has more water in it than all the lakes and rivers in England combined. Today I've found out that the outside of the loch (i.e. not the water) is a geological fault called the Great Glen. Earlier this week some muppet, presumably after seeing elephants swimming and larking around in the water in Africa (I bet there was no life guard on duty or they'd be kicked out), has announced to the world Nessie was probably an elephant swimming around in the loch as carnivals used to stop off there. Amazingly this guy is a credible scientist! If you would like to share in the beauty of Loch Ness with me, then have a look at the linked page from my gallery.

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