20 March 2006

For the Love of God Please Put A Bullet In Their Heads Now!

Very sad news. The Simpsons has been renewed for a further two seasons. This year, half way through an episode, I actually turned it off and said out loud "this is *shite*". I'd actually physically had enough. For almost five years now I've been bitching saying that the show had gone on far too long and desperately needed to be ended once and for all. Yet for some reason I kept watching and listening to the incredible poor dialogue, the trite and uninteresting story lines and screaming at the lack of any form of ending as the writers were unable to produce anything other than third rate gibberish that doesn't even resemble jokes. The sooner Fox pull the plug on a show that is so far away from its peak it'd need a telescope to see it, the better. Do I blame Matt Groening for continually receiving massive cheques while the airwaves are being polluted? Only partially as he should have fought a damn sight hard to save Futurama, even cancelled The Simpsons to save Futurama. That said his better creation is coming back to TV (26 new episodes go into production soon) which will push The Simpsons down to the fifth best cartoon on TV (1. Family Guy, 2. American Dad, 3. Futurama, 4. Every other cartoon on TV, 5. The Simpsons) so hopefully that will cause the show to die sooner rather than later. You can all help too - stop watching The Simpson forever!
Updated: It seems the info gave out by Billy West on Futurama returning to TV is in fact wrong :-( Instead the previously announced four Futurama straight-to-DVD movies is the resurrection he was thinking about. Ah well, at least it's back on one medium.


  1. No one is forcing you to watch it!!!

  2. While that is true, simply not watching it is not enough any more. The show has deteriorated so much (in quality and not just in terms of ratings) that every new episode makes the whole collection of work seem weaker and more money grabbing. I used to love The Simpsons, the best episodes were as good as the best put out by Futurama (still shy of Family Guy but that's a whole other subject) so to see its legacy dwindling week by week is just heart breaking. On top of that it brings down the quality of all cartoons on TV, not just The Simpsons.

    In vaguely related cartoon news I'm very please with the first episode of the new series of South Park. Although I've never liked the show and only continued watching Team America out of respect for the effort involved in using actual puppets, the most recent episode made me smile (without seeing it of course). The Chef character, played by Issac Hayes, was to be written out after he quit the show following an episode ridiculing scientology (of which he is a member of). Outraged by the hypocrisy of his actions (as he'd shown no concern when Christians, Jews, Muslims and Mormons where attacked), the show really laid into him. The had him brainwashed by a parody of scientology (maybe not as impressively as The Simpsons' Movementarians), turned him into a paedophile, had him brainwashed a second time, then killed him off and at his funeral slated his recent actions (but did say remember the joy he brought in his past).