26 March 2006

Finally, An End To The Monopoly! About Time...

Monopoly's really annoy me. I'm glad to say that as of 6am this morning a major monopoly in Scotland is finally over. No longer do we have no choice in what our pubs and restaurants stink of. We can now enjoy all the olfactory wonders of body odour, spilt lager, vomit and probably even urine. Smoke has been banished forever! Don't get me wrong, this is the single greatest day in my time in Scotland (more-so than Devolution Day), but as Ireland (and others) have learnt, while the smoke was killing us, it did cover a plethora of other repulsive smells. One thing does puzzle me though, why introduce it today? Humans are generally forgetful beings so to launch it on the same day Mothers Day and the clocks go forward - surely the best we can hope for is remembering two out of three?

On the subject of BST I read a very fascinating piece from the BBC reporting on a Private Members' Bill that was read on Friday in the House of Lords. Basically it proposes a three year experiment with the clocks staying forward an hour in October (so our winter remains GMT+1) and then next March going forward a further hour to GMT+2. It would gives us much more daylight in the evenings during the summer (what's the point in the sunrising at 5am in Edinburgh in July?) and save an estimated 100 lives on the roads. Of course the former Tory-boy and ex-greengrocer "Lord" Sainsbury, you know the guy who gave a massive donation to New Labour and then became their adviser on science. The very same one who went on to promote multiple GM crop trials despite farmers protests, having previously invested bucket loads in GM food when in charge of Sainsburys, that one. Well he said roughly "we tried it in '68-'71 and people didn't like it so we never need to try it again". Can't fault his logic, after all the generation of 30 years ago is still the current generation isn't it? *Anywho*, fingers crossed and with the support of the Idiot Protection Society, I mean the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents this bill may just become law. It also means no more putting our watches and phones forward when we go to Europe!


  1. That's a bummer. I thought you were going to talk about the game Monopoly.