20 March 2006

Evolution Needs Intelligent Design

No, I'm not going to start banging on about the screwed up GCSE exam board in England, the victory award from Republican judge in Pennsylvania (one, ha-ha-ha, two, ha-ha-ha), or even the reggae-indifferent Pastafarians. No, there are far more important things in life, namely why Novell's Evolution (the main email client with Gnome) does not allow the preview pane to be viewed vertically as well as horizontally. Version 2.6 has just been released and a few guys have been clamouring for this bug to be fixed (bug 262742 if you're interested) but they just seemed to run out of time. Microsoft's Lookout, sorry, Outlook, has done this for quite some time and so has our email viewer of choice, Thunderbird (from those great folks over at Mozilla). When you have a decent sized flat panel or even one of these widescreen laptops (I have both, hee hee hee!) then it's far better and a lot more intuitive to view the messages vertically and the "preview pane" as a sheet of portrait A4 paper. Don't get me wrong, Evolution is a decent piece of software and is so heavily integrated with Gnome through the calendar, applets and of course now Beagle, I think it would be good for my office to migrate from Thunderbird to it. Of course when you can't add a button or a shortcut for a key function, redirect (not forwarding), nor can you group your emails by date or sender (again like Thunderbird and Outlook) then I guess we'll just have to wait. A very good friend of mine and theoretical computer science genius, Bob, put it best when he said: "Evolution could have really done with some intelligent design early on".

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