4 March 2006

Beware the Ice of March

Here we are, the 12 days before the Ides of March, and it's started snowing like you wouldn't believe! I took my first picture as I came out after only 30 minutes of snow but sadly the very first one I took of some boy racer in an Audi sliding all over the road never actually saved (I must have been too worried about the snow getting at my camera). Driving around in this weather reduced us to barely 15mph in second gear but the snow fall didn't bother me as we'd just paid a measly £23 for a complete (three) set of brand new Bosch wipers including blades. In addition, I figured that now that the wipers are working flawlessly, I should really cover all six windows (and wing mirrors) with Rain X to stop the rain sticking to the screen (more on Rain X another time). After one hour you can no longer make out the parking spaces or grass! I did feel sorry for train commuters, including Andy Regent, as there must have been some heavy delays.

The driving conditions were quite dangerous, the BMW in front of me slide every time he moved from a standing start to try to hit 5mph. It may have been just poor driving on behalf the BMW as the idiot had no rear wiper and didn't bother to wipe the snow of the rear window – I'm adamant (no, I'm really Phill G) that they couldn't see through it. Couple that with two drivers behind me who couldn't be bothered to turn on any lights at all even though every one else was driving with their main headlights on (and even fog lights if they had them). Even having fools to the front of me, fools to the back of me, couldn't spoil my child-like enjoyment of the snow. Our brand spanking new Michelin Energy tyres made short work of the snow – not one single minuscule slide thanks to the superior tread. I managed to grab a few pictures of the Meadows where kids were sliding downhill on sledges and the great effort by the kids in the block opposite (snowman with a mini clone). Finally I topped it all off my getting a few snow balls hurled (and hit most of my targets) but also kept one back that is now sitting in my freezer, waiting for summer!

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