21 March 2006

Andy Loses His Freedom, Gets Locked Up :-(

With a heavy heart I have to inform everyone that a good friend of mine and a regular contributor to this site, Andy Regent, has lost his freedom and has been locked up as of this morning. The incidents that led up to this were on Friday night at his leaving party (warning: viewer discretion advised for the second page) most at Henry J. Beans. When he arrived at his new job this morning he found out he was in trouble. Everywhere he looked there were closed and proprietary products preventing expression and improvement. They make him suffer by using Outlook and the hellish Internet Explorer (ah, I have a bad taste in my mouth) not to mention depriving him of all the powerful features of Gnome. The standard lines are "a closed world is a better world" and "the barriers are there for your protection". Others, such as Andy, knew better. He'd tasted freedom before and it tasted sweet. Sadly Andy is now missing the ability to have Bookmarks in your open and save dialog; proper filtering file names as you type (not just jumping to that one file; allowing you to scroll up and down only those matching the pattern you'd keyed in); as many workspaces as you could possibly want; two panels (obivously better than one) with a stunning deskbar applet; speed of rendering and action when clicking something and not having bloody Windows Explorer die on you every few hours; the list is endless. As a final leaving present he received the latest live CD from Ubuntu (Dapper Drake release) so he can relax after a hard days slog and remember the better days (or just play Same Gnome until he breaks his own high score). One day you will be free again my friend.