14 February 2006

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue...

...With the Elephants and the Monkeys,
And you look like one too!

Hmm, I think I've got a couple of songs mixed up there (unless your birthday is on Valentines Day). I do accept that the classic image of a rose is red, but surely the colour of a violet is, well, violet - hence the name. It's as Demteri Martin says "I think they named the Orange before the Carrot". Anywho, I'm in deep trouble for leaving my valentines card to KT in the office :-( but as it turns out ... she was too busy to buy me a card! If I used that line people'd be gathering around in a hour or so for my funeral. For the first time since I was about five I haven't received a Valentines card today - attention all women, this is your chance to send me one! Years ago (my first year of uni) I sent one to someone I wasn't interested in (there was nothing wrong with her you understand, we were both to vibrant young adults who weren't attracted to each other) with a message I shameless ripped from a TV comedy (I'm not going to say which one, you have to recall it for yourselves): "Life without you would be like a broken pencil ... pointless". For that and many other reasons I acquired the nickname "smooth plips" (an unusual contraction of phillip). Back to my struggle to get through the day today though, after my I prepare my lovely home cooked meal tonight we can both relax and enjoy Liverpool beating Arsenal from 8pm. While it's great our other "game in hand" is televised, putting it on Valentines Day is just asking for trouble. Liverpool, Arsenal and Sky should be ashamed, nobody's up to anything tomorrow night... Well, seeing as it's on it would be stupid not to watch it in our lounge, with *one* card on the coffee table.


  1. What a lovely story. Please can you and tell us some of your other nicknames "Smooth Plips" (if I may call you that)?

    Attention all readers:

    1. So sorry that you stumbled across this site, sincere aplogies to you and yours...

    2. If you have any ideas about new nicknames for Phill please post them here. Alternatively you may post your ideas to andrewregent@hotmail.com (the best idea may even get a prize).

  2. Thanks Andy, although it wasn't one of your best posts. If anyone is interested and is wondering "who is Andy Regent" then I'll tell you. Firstly he does a rather passable, if a bit too camp, impresonation of Robbie Williams (it's actually Andy Regent though). Secondly he is the webmaster behind the new site "How Gay Am I .com" where people are invited to upload pictures of themselves to have the community at large rate how gay they look on a scale of one to ten. My vote for your picture is a seven.

  3. 7??? 7???

    I'd like to see you camp it up more than that!

    Seriously though, I'd appreciate some feedback so I can improve for next time. A tighter top, perhaps? A designer beard of some sort?

  4. Offtopic I know, sorry.

  5. I don't think you can copyright quotes, since they fall under fair use in via the commentary and criticism critera:. You should get rid of the (c) symbol beside D.M. on your home page.

  6. Just to get this updated, KT did bring home a Valentine's card for me as she returned from work. She remarked that M&S was heaving with people buying cards and gifts on the day itself.

    As for Wiley's comments, as usual you provide an interesting point worth pondering over. Am I actually quoting him and therefore okay under fair use, or am I directly taking standalone pieces of his work in their entirity and reproducing them? I'm far from sure and may still play it safe...

    Of course the simple solution is to write my own material to replace it ;-) Don't hold your breath though.