4 January 2006

The Newly Crowned Mr DIY 2006, Sorry Girls, I'm Taken!

So far in 2006 I have replaced a fancy light unit when the transformer burned out and then repaired my own Triton Topaz T80i electric shower by fiddling inside it and 2006 is only four days old! The issue with my shower was that the low pressure light came on even though the pressure was fine and when I set the heating dial to the very highest setting the water was only marginally warmed (and that's being generous). I looked up my shower's guide from the Triton website (great info, shame about the restrictive design, good job I use Firefox) and thought about the various possibilities. The heater or part of it could be faulty. The pressure sense could be dead so it thinks there is low pressure so it only heats the water a little bit to avoid scalding. I opened my shower and spoke to Triton who said it may be a pump type thing that may not be triggering but it was. Nothing inside the shower stood out to me as charred (as if it had just blow). I finally got a response from George Thompson, aka The Shower Doctor. He started a business in Edinburgh a few years ago to repair faulty showers as a lot of plumbers don't have the knowledge to diagnose the problem. I found his website by going through need a plumber .org (hey that's a very professional site, why thank you I designed it myself). Needless to say George is a SNIPEF Licensed Business and helpful member of the Edinburgh District Branch of SNIPEF too. He said I was on the right lines but it may also be a faulty micro-switch. Interesting, I thought. I could diagnose a faulty micro-switch. Another detailed inspection and I notice the inside of the cables connecting to one of the front most micro-switches looked rusty, as if the switch had blown. I turned off the power and removed it to test it out. The black button on the micro-switch did not click as I pressed it (and so did not activate the switch). I phoned Triton and got a spare but it was over the Christmas period so it took ages to arrive (thanks to Andy Regent for looking out for it when it did arrive though). Sadly it only had two connectors as most micro-switches do, but the one that was blown on mine had three (in fact it was part number V5S110CBX171 which is spare number 22005650 from Triton). A returned envelope and a delivery one day after the New Year's Holidays were over and I had my part. Five minutes later I have a fully working shower all for the cost of £12.44 and a little bit of research and effort!

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  1. "The Newly Crowned Mr DIY 2006, Sorry Girls, I'm Taken.

    The newly crowned Mr DIY? Sorry girls, I'm taken??? I only read on because I thought you were finally going to admit to the endless sessions of onanism that go on in your "office".