15 January 2006

Loads More Harry Kewell Please ... Thank You!

Just watch a full hour of the Liverpool vs Tottenham game (all the time the ball was in play) and Liverpool played very well against an impressive Spurs. Harry Kewell's goal was majestic and worthy of winning any game. Anywho, I was looking through my calendar and noticed that twelve out of the next fourteen Liverpool games will be televised in the UK! It's only the mid-week Birmingham game and the derby at the end of March that won't (although the derby is already scheduled to kick-off at 12:45 so maybe there are plans for it to be broadcast live as nothing is listed on Sky's PPV listings for that weekend). In fact if you look back until the beginning of December, you find that eight of our last eleven games were televised live, meaning we are in the middle of an incredible streak of twenty live games out of a possible twenty four. I think we need our own channel...

In other Reds news, there are more calls to bring back Robbie Fowler - I'd personally love that to happen, he's the most natural goal scorer to ever play in the Premiership. Ignoring the real reasons behind this web talk, he's shown the true colour of his heart again this weekend. After scoring the third goal in Man City's 3-1 win against Man Utd, Robbie ran over and gave this insulting gesture to the Man Utd fans:
Robbie Fowler's five finger salute
In case there are any Man Utd fans reading this and need reminding, that's Rome, Wembley, Paris, Roma and Instanbul.

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  1. But didn't we BEAT you on Sunday? Yes, of course we did!