23 January 2006

Ikea Has The Most Amazing Customer Toilets!

In previous years I have written about the toilets in Mal Maison in Stockbridge (a giant mirror with a continual waterfall in front of it) or the unisex wash area of Bar 38 in George Street (thankfully they finally introduced dividers in the circular urinal), but the crown has to go to Ikea in Edinburgh. I took this picture there the other day in the gents at the customer restaurant. Take a look at it before continuing....

So, you've seen the sign I saw in the toilets at the restaurant. They are quite clean but the fact that "These facilities are also located in the Entrance and Exit area" just blows me away. To master building toilets that can be in two locations in space at the same point in time in the early 21st Century is just incredible. Hat's off to Ikea's designers.

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  1. Yes, well the Swedish have a reputation for being super-advanced and intelligent when it comes to these matters. Who else uses methane buses??