25 January 2006

Five Months of *FREE* DVD Rentals & £44 Cash Back!

STOP!!! I've just learnt that most of these DVD rentals are available through quidco.com, an affiliates site that gives the money they earn back to you! All you need to do is register with quidco.com and go to the Entertainment section and then DVD rentals. You can now click on the links and register with the companies, not forgetting to add in the special codes otherwise you'll get a shorter lesser trial. In about two months time the money will be paid into your quidco.com account for you to withdraw (less an annual £5 fee but that only happens when you earn over £5). If there's no cahback just click on the link to get the better trial. NB: Lovefilm offers a great £13 through quidco.com but only for a 2 week trial. If you want the longer month you have to click the Sainsbury's link and you will not earn £13 (I think the £13 is a far better deal).

Below are all the details you need to get over five months of free DVD rentals. If you've never used a DVD rental service before, just start ploughing into them. If you have used one or two before, beware that Screenselect and LoveFilm power many other smaller sites (including Tesco's) so you should double check you haven't used them before trying to get a free trial from them (as they won't give you one and may charge you). Most of this info came from Martin Lewis' excellent website, moneysavingexpert.com - well worth bookmarking (after phillg.com of course). Enjoy!

ProviderDurationDiscs At OnceLimitationTime to CancelNumber of Days to Return DiscsCode or LinkQuidco Cash Back
Lovefilm (using Sainsbury's front end)1 month3 at a timeUnlimited1 day before end of trial1 day before end of trialSainsbury's£13 but only 2 week trial
Blockbuster1 month duration (possibly two)3 at a timeUnlimitedCancel day beforeUpto 28 days after cancellingmonsav151 (try "ST65447" for 2 months)£15
Screenselect30 day duration3 at a timeUnlimitedCancel two days beforeNoneTDV30£12.50
1DVD1 month1 at a timeUnlimitedCancel 5 days before end2 days before end of trial1dvdNothing
PostaDVD2 weeks3 at a timeUnlimitedCancel day before7 days after cancellingwww.postadvd.comNothing
Cinema Paradiso1 month2 at a timeMax 4Cancel day before7 days after cancellingQuidco.com50p
MyMovieStream2 weeks2/3/5 at a timeMax 4Cancel day before1 day before end of trialQuidco.com£3

If you use all these links you have over five months of fun, giving you somewhere in the region of 60 DVD rentals (based on an average of three a week) and an unbelievable £44 cash back for doing it! You'd have to be certifiably insane not to do it...


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