17 January 2006

Behold My Virgin Vision says Dick

Last year NTL bought Telewest, although technically Telewest swallowed up NTL so as to keep the joint partnership with the BBC going for the UK TV channels. It looks like this higher bid of NTL for Virgin Mobile will now be accepted, even if Branson has to put in £9m of his own money. This would create Britain's first quadruple play supplier (TV, phone, broadband and mobile), all under the Virgin name (as it's a great brand). However the approved name seems to be "Virgin Vision". I'm less than impressed. That said if they win the Premiership rights and take them off Sky (or at least strike a decent deal so I can watch them on cable) then they can call themselves "Baby Killers R Us" and I'll still subscribe (unless of course they introduce a download limit on broadband in which case I'll go postal).

1 comment:

  1. My Virgin Vision says Dick!!??!?!

    You are doing everything possible to entice porn browsers to your site aren't you?

    Any luck?