17 January 2006

BBC2 Starts Putting On Decent Comedy Shocker!

I'm a bit too late to remind everyone that the excellent BBC Four show, The Thick of It, will now be shown on BBC2 on Monday nights. The first series (only three episodes) have already gone, but the second series starts this Monday, 23rd Jan at 10pm. It is some of my good friend* Armando Iannucci's best work. The night before Family Guy and American Dad return to BBC2 and carry on with some great episodes. If you've never seen either before, sit yourself down this Sunday and prepare to laugh. In other BBC2 news don't watch Hyperdrive because it's rubbish, or more aptly, hyper-rubbish.

* = He's not really my good friend, although when he signed my book he wrote "Phill, Sweety lovey fluff-pup. Armando". It's a long story.

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