24 December 2005

What A Sad State British Comedy Is In

I watch the Christmas shows of Little Britain and The Green Green Grass and never even flicked one half smile during the very long one and a half hours. At least last year's The Office Christmas show was an interesting storyline if sadly no jokes or humour of any known kind. John Sullivan made some very good episodes of Only Fools and Horses but he also made some really bad ones, some bad specials too. In the end it was almost like watching a soap with a few one liners thrown in. The same soap opera effect engulfed The Office when hacks described it in the same breathe as Fawlty Towers. The Green Green Grass is an abomination and the executives at the BBC should be ashamed of the rubbish that has been produced, if I were John Challis I'd have walked out after episode three. Little Britain on the other hand is less than moronic, school ground catch phrase comedy. When Harry Enfield did this he at least added some satire and the tiniest amount of life into his characters, Little Britain is void of any noticeable talent. I'm sure some people will try to defend British Sitcoms but there has not been any truly great sitcoms (bar maybe a few Coupling episodes) for well over a decade, maybe longer. In that time there have been three or four excellent series (yes, twenty plus episodes) of The Simpsons (not for a good six years, it should have been cancelled after it went into free fall around series ten, now the series is the joke itself), three brilliant years of Futurama and Family Guy, five or six years of excellent Frasier and the same of exceptional Seinfeld episodes. There are still producing excellent stuff on the other side of the pond including the current couple of series of Two and a Half Men. Yes folks, as much as it pains me to say it, the US talent has got our arses firmly whipped when it comes to comedy.

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  1. I've just learned that in 1984 British TV (Channel Four was launched that year) commissioned 60 sitcoms, last year they only made a few. There was a interesting documentary on this subject on Jan 2nd, fortunately I will watch it tomorrow instead :-)