8 December 2005

Transporter 2: Mind Blowing Sequences of Selling-Out Action *** Spoiler ***

I'd just watched Le Transporteur at the weekend and it was okay, let's say 3 briefcases out of five. The end was rather annoying, everyone turning up in the middle of nowhere at exactly the right time to save Frank (the main star). Last night we went to see Transporter 2 (notice the title). As Neil and I left, the first thing I said was "I rarely use the word 'sell-out'...". The film-makers sold out big time. The film is set in Miami, the French police chief returns as almost a comic aside, there is *so* much product placement, the title of the film is no longer in French (even though the original film was entirely in English), I could go on. Okay, I'll go on: the plot was wafer-thin, the action sequences went on far too long and over the top, a Caribbean guy was added in for the final 20 minutes for some cheap jokes, the time-line of the movie was all messed up (the French lieutenant only stayed for two days?), the whole virus angle was ridiculously unbelievable and the "everybody lives happily every after" wrap up was physically and biologically impossible, even for mainstream fiction. If you want an okay action film with martial arts, I'd watch Le Transporteur. Ignoring the rubbish "film" I saw in the Film Festival this year, this is the worse film of the year ... at least Fantastic Four carried you along with it on its journey. Two placed-products out of five.


  1. Nice review but should have a spoiler warning (not that anyone will go and see it after reading that) :)

  2. Cheers for spoiling the end for me...

  3. Sorry about the spoiler, athough I can count on one hand the number of films that haven't ended "happily ever after" so I personally thought it wasn't too much of a spoiler. Damn shame what they did to a promising French film/franchise, non? If you want to watch a better secret agent-type film, try Secret Agents - I really enjoyed it despite the IMBD comments on it (and what's more it's in French!).