7 December 2005

Michael Essien is Reckless and Should Be Banned for 2 Months!

This evening Liverpool secured top spot in their group with a 0-0 draw against Chelsea (Why is it a "Nil-Nil draw" or a "One-One draw"? Shouldn't it just be a "Nil draw" or a "One draw"...). In the first half Michael Essien came in with a raised leg and studs showing and went straight into the knee of Didi Hamann. The referee saw this and remarkably did nothing, not even a booking. Even in the more physical Premiership that would be a straight red card and a five match ban. This comes a month or so after Essien got a yellow card in a Premiership match against Bolton where he did an equally dangerous tackle (he feigned injury immediately after making the tackle) and after the match the referee apologised and said it should have been a straight red card but the FA said he wasn't allowed to change it! Both victims described themselves as "fearing their legs were broken" and Essien has escaped a total of a 10 match ban in his first few months in the Premiership. £24million pounds for "the best midfielder in Europe" (according to Houllier although that may have been to bump up his price to Chelsea) ... more like a reckless player who shone in a much smaller pond.

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