27 December 2005

Four Years In A Strange And Distant Land

For four years I lived in the North West of England and having recently gone back there I find it amazing the differences between there and just about anywhere else. There are some things I will never stop doing or using, such as saying "barmcake" instead of "roll" or "bap" when referring to bread. There are something I miss, like good cod (Scotland just serves haddock) that can be ordered "without batter" meaning lightly battered so it doesn't take away from the fresh taste of the fish. There are somethings I am indifferent to, such as a overhearing a mother use the word "cock" in front of her 8 year old son. Why am I indifferent to that? Because she said "stay there cock", which is just a friendly term of endearment. Finally there are things I really am glad I don't see each day, such as fresh pig's feet, cow's heels or tripe (cow's stomachs). Incidentally I saw the tripe the next day and it was so flat, that picture can be your guide to make sure you get good quality fresh tripe the next time you go out ;-)

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