2 December 2005

Eurosport Shows Two Wrestling Shows In Uk

Not much of an exciting title but bear with me. Earlier tonight Eurosport 2 screened Japanese Pro-Wrestling. In Japan pro-wrestling (not amateur as in Olympics) is both real and scripted. The real version involves having 13 points to start with and you lose 1 for every time you grab the ropes to break a hold or get planted hard on your back and 3 if you take a referee's count. You lose when you have no points left, you submit or are counted out (to 10 like in boxing). I watched a bit of it and it was interesting to see but it was quite violent (almost like Ultimate Fighting). Between 9 and 10pm on the original Eurosport they had more wrestling on so i flicked it on - I couldn't believe it, it was TNA ("Total Non-stop Action" not "Tits 'n' Arse" a much smaller rival to the big WWE, former WWF, that entertained us with Hulk Hogan when we could believe a man could rise from a severe beating and win just because we were cheering for him). Not a surprise in itself, the bigger Sky Sports shows WWE. The big shocker was this ... Eurosport had dubbed the American commentary with two real sports commentators and they were calling it as if it was a real physical contest! The guys stood there show-boating to the crowd and the reporters had to act as if it was perfectly normal behaviour for this type of sporting contest! Why Eurosport, why? If you want to show it as an entertainment show then fine, but who is honestly going to watch it as some form of sport addict? Don't you think the names "Shark Boy" and "Shocker" are a little clue? All that said two people, AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels are two of the most agile and acrobatic "martial artists" I have ever seen.