30 December 2005

AOL Can't Understand The Point Of Adverts

Has anyone seeing that annoying advert for AOL saying they don't have download limits (very bad thing)? It shows some guy looking at pictures of "Steve's Stag Night" online. He seems to be getting to the interesting pictures (I think I remember a police woman in one of them, I guessing that may not be her real job. Just then a woman walks in and tries to grab control from Steve himself or one of Steve's friends who was there. He's just to get in big trouble when BING - your download limit has been reached. What a relief, he's safe! AOL then say then don't have download limits so chose them and get busted by your girlfriend. [There is the remote possibility that the girl is that main focal point of the advert in which case why is she on screen for such little time and why is she commandeering his PC and invading his privacy?]

1 comment:

  1. Ahh..... the old advertising paradox.

    The very act of criticising an advert in itself makes the advert a good advert.