10 November 2005

Tony Blair Steps Down!

One day this title will be correct. So yesterday he suffered a humiliating defeat despite calling back Brown and Straw to get a few more votes. Couldn't be happier! I saw this coming for a while and the fact that they won a vote by one MP last week really tempted me to put money on how soon he'd be out of office (now the bookmakers have slashed the odds and I'm not a gambler anyway). It seems minutes after touching down in the Middle East Gordon Brown was whisked back to the UK and told to try to prevent people from rebelling. Tony has this morning called a Cabinet meeting to talk about the defeat - do you think Gordon will mind suffering all the hours in the plane as he can now sit in the meeting, beaming away knowing he'll be the boss in the next few months (maybe even weeks)? If Tony is a stupid as to try and push the educational reforms or privatising parts of the NHS he'll be out before 2006. Maybe now's the time for a stalking horse to challenge him and force Gordon to move...

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