27 November 2005

Stop The Traffic ... Yo Soy Senor BumbleBee!

This morning I was cruising along Queen Street, well stuck in traffic, on my way to get my hair lopped off. The car still has the extra security and go faster stripes as pictured here and here (it lives on the top of our aerial). There were two lanes going straight ahead and one turning right, although the straight ahead lanes were reduced to just one real lane due to dozens of parked cars. Anywho, stuck behind a lorry the car behind me sneaks out and pulls up right alongside me, essentially trying to pass me as soon as the lorry moved on - what incredible cheek! I noticed the driver seemed to gesturing to me, probably to say "can I sneak in there please, I'm in a rush". I lowered my window as we sat there waiting to accelerate off into the soon-to-be space ahead of us both and the guy said "Excuse me, can you tell me where you got your bumble bee from?". I've just stopped laughing about it now!


  1. Get a picture of your Apis apis in context. I didn't know it was stuck on the aerial.

  2. Make that Bombus hortorum...