8 November 2005

Rugby League Fans Show Up Football Fans


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Erm, okay, that must win the prize for shortest blog entry. On 29th October the first Tri-Nations Test involving Great Britain took place against New Zealand. Britain really needed to win otherwise they'd struggle to stay up with Australia and New Zealand. The game took place at QPR's Loftus Road at 6pm on a Saturday evening. Rugby League, aside from being the second best ball game (after football) and a million times better than the "aerial ping-pong" they call Rugby Union, is a real "working class man's" game. Starting a football game in the evening is not usually great as in big rivalries the police usually complain it allows the fans to sit in the pub all day and drink before they get to the ground. Early in the day I saw (on TV) a goalkeeper get struck by coins (or some small missile) being thrown from the crowd during some Premiership match. As far as I recall it wasn't a local derby or an intense rivalry (not that that would justify it), just a regular weekend match. Anyway the whole issue is very sad that they now need to try to get all possible objects, including coins, off fans to prevent serious injury.

Back to the Rugby League. New Zealand started with a flurry and got a couple of quick tries, they would have had another if the video referee (another thing Football should start using) correctly denied a try in the corner for knock on (even the commentators didn't notice the change in the ball's flight until half time). You would think the British fans would be really angry, especially as the crowd wasn't segregated like in the Premiership. No. Instead they just stood there, watching and cheering their team on, sipping lager from glass bottles! After the game, with Britain given quite a hiding, there wasn't a single arrest and the majority of bottles went in the bin.


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