18 November 2005

Official Stats - I Have Between One and Two Hundred Readers Every Week!

This is incredible, I've just looked at the stats for my site and I've noticed I have between one and two hundred readers every week! Take a look at these figures if you don't believe me. I'll post a better breakdown later today...
UPDATE: Wow! This is actually my 100th article! Anyway, I've done some analysis of the excellent data from StatCounter and over the last three months I've been averaging an incredible 58 unique weekly visitors! Not page loads but definite unique sessions. One week even hit 113! I must start writing some more interesting stuff!

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  1. [...] Yay! One year ago today, PhillG.com was finally re-launched! In the past year we have had 192 stories (10 of them back dated before the site officially opened), 154 comments and 8 brand new galleries added. That is over one post every two days and one comment every two and a half days! Thank you to the many hundreds of visitors to this site from far off places as Argentina, Philippines, People’s Republic of Mao, China, Japan and Morocco as well as dozens from Europe, USA, Canada and Australia. AFAIK the only continent I haven’t had a hit from yet is Antarctica and I know someone who can fix that (yes please Wiley Coyote).  We’ve even survived the “news” that this site was to close.  To celebrate the start of my second year in business, I’ve updated the theme of the site - it’s now a mix of Rin and Pool and my own changes. I hope I can keep entertaining you with my thoughts, observations and sense of humour. Next week we get to celebrate 200 posts! [...]