18 November 2005

It's Cold Outside, There's an N O2 Kind of Atmosphere

Yesterday morning I was walking into my office and I noticed there was a frost even on the discarded alcohol bottles on the grass near my office. The drunks clearly are of a better class here in Edinburgh as the discarded bottle in question was actually a decent red wine (somebody turned it over during the course of the day to see the label!). At 9pm I looked at my fancy wireless indoor-outdoor thermometer and noticed a strange symbol that looked like this - . It was -2°C outside at 9pm and it could only get colder. A few minutes ago (as I finally crawled out of my bed, I suffer from sticky mattress syndrome you see), it was an unbelievable -5°C outside. EXTRA: Despite excessive anti-freeze being used, as I drove to work the windscreen was refreezing as I was stuck in traffic. I could see impressive crystals reforming in front of my eyes, obscuring other vehicles from my vision.

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