15 November 2005

It's All About Me, Me, Me, Me, Me!

Andy posted a comment on my last post saying that I've probably set some new form of vanity with the excessive pictures of me on one page and that got me thinking. It shouldn't come as a shock to many people that I am quite egotistical. A recent Two and a Half Men had a line in it that captures this quite well:
Charlie: "Rose, do you think I'm a misogynist?"
Rose: "Oh Charlie yes! (Laughing) Why, did someone try to say you weren't?"
Anyway, back to me. I think it's very interesting that the English language regards it as polite if you try to put me (as in the person reading this) at the core of the sentence. If I am the subject of the verb (comes at the beginning of the sentence normally) then we use 'I', e.g. Dave and I are going out now. If I am the object of the verb we use 'me', e.g. Do you want to join me and Dave? Notice that the closest person each time to the verb (the doing word) is the first person, the speaker. I think that's interesting anyway... If you want a giggle at the rules of grammar, have a look at these rules of grammar.

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  1. You're so vain, you probably think this site is about you....!