27 November 2005

The Chase Is On, The Premiership Looks Right Now!

Finally, after 13 (14 for some), the Premiership table finally looks right. Liverpool are playing at Sunderland (our game in hand) on Wednesday evening and, after we win that by two clear goals, and we will, the top four will look like this:
    Played     Goal Difference     Points
1     Chelsea     14     26     37
2     Man Utd     13       8     27
3     Arsenal      13     12     26
4     Liverpool    13       7     25
That looks a lot better rather than Wigan and Tottenham being in the top four, the chase can finally start! I think the end of the season it will end Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and Man Utd fourth. Bookmakers beware my accurate psychic prediction!

1 comment:

  1. Please predict Liverpool win the league.....