18 October 2005

What Now For The Big Beast Of Westminster?

Damn. Okay, the big beast is out and all the credit goes to David Davis. He had 67 declared MPs and was suggesting he would get around 80. He only got 62. That clear shows several people who had declared for him switched to Dr Fox in order to try and get Ken Clarke out at the first round. That has happened which now means Cameron will get around 80 votes and Davis should get 80 too with Fox getting and embarrassingly low 20. So where does all that leave Ken? Well, he could try and get the role as Shadow Chancellor under Cameron which would be really interesting, although you have to feel this is a long shot given the fact Cameron and current Chancellor of the Shadows is George Osbourne. Probably the most realistic bet is Shadow Foreign Secretary and give er, um, Jack Straw a good mauling and Tony/Gordon too over Iraq. Of course if Davis gets in then you can kiss the Conservative Party goodbye into the annals of history.

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