18 October 2005

Victory Is Mine ... UK TV Finally Has Good Programmes!

As of this Saturday, BBC2 will never be the same again. Having lost Larry David's semi-improvised Curb Your Enthusiasm to More4 (kudos to them though for making it available on Freeview), the BBC have more than recovered by getting Family Guy from the third series and putting it on directly after American Dad in a decent adult slot. 10.05pm will be American Dad, a satire based around Stan Smith, a right wing CIA agent who has a very interesting family. At 10.30pm we'll be treated to The Thin White Line, the start of a two-parter that begins the third series of quite simply the best animated series ever. Okay the third series is available to buy on DVD but it's still worth watching as many people will never have heard of it. No ad breaks and no censorship ... bliss! All this and a new series of Armando Iannucci's excellent The Thick Of It on BBC4... :-D

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