2 October 2005

Unfair Reporting of the Liverpool - Chelsea Game

"Rampant Chelsea Crush Reds" is the headline the BBC are running with in their sports section. This is unfair and untrue. Yes Chelsea beat Liverpool 4-1 but they simply had good luck on their side rather than being rampant. I'm not bitter about Liverpool not getting either of the two certain penalties on Wednesday night, I just want the truth to be represented in the story. Okay we made a couple of defensive mistakes, such as Djimi hacking Drogba down when he was going nowhere and Finnan fell asleep was we made the fourth substitution, but we played very well in the game. Sky Sports ended the match saying that Liverpool had 66% of the possession - that's unheard of! Liverpool also had 1 more attempt on target (9-8). The official Opta stats confirm this, giving the precise possession stats as 59.6% which is very high. We even had 57.1% of the territorial advantage. Given our poor striking efforts (as Crouch on had 10 minutes to work with a real partner, Cisse), 2-1 to Chelsea would probably have been a fair reflection on the game. As occasionally happens, luck goes with a team and you end up with a scoreline that is not reflective of the actual game. This is one of those times.