3 October 2005

Time To Play The Game

I get a nice warm feeling when I realise the new "series" of politics is back on the air. It started with the Labour Party conference last week when Gordon Brown said he won't return to old Labour (i.e. socialist) policies and was a Blairite through and through. I didn't read one article that said what I was thinking, namely that what Gordon said was total bollocks. He's just saying that to ward off any "New Labour" challenger, namely Alan Milburn, that the more extreme of the Blairites may push to stand against him because the really couldn't stand Brown being in charge. Thank God for Rory Bremner (and all the writers including Dave Fulton)! The Bremner, Bird and Fortune team did a song by Gordon with the lyrics "I'd do anything .. for your job, anything" and included the line "I'd say anything". The second Brown takes over he'll kick out most of the Blairites that haven't been sacked or had to resign (and even those that have yet have come back almost instantly, e.g David Blunkett) and bring in his new era. Whether he'll win against a rejuvenated Conservative Party under Ken Clarke, hammering the Chancellor (who will it be, Nick Brown?) on the downturn in the economy that we seem destined for, is uncertain. I'm sure he will scare off several "middle England" voters which could leave if with a three-way split, if we only had proportional representation :-(

The other big story is Austria taking the piss with the rest of Europe over Croatia's entry into the EU (which has stalled due to the UN slating them for not finding a general wanted for war crimes), by blocking Turkey's entry and threatening to use their veto. They seem to have fallen into line now after a hugely publicised deadlock that I'm sure was just done so Austria could guarantee that Croatia will be allowed in when the postponed talks restart, after the Turkey issue is resolved. Notice I didn't even mention the Tory leadership elections, mainly because Dr Fox (hee hee hee), Malcolm Rifkind and David Cameron will all get knocked out very quickly and all their support will fall behind Ken. That will leave middle versus right in Clarke vs. Davis. I can't see the members making another monumental mistake in electing another right wing unknown (as far as the general public are concerned), especially after the last three elections when they've had such poor results. They may not like him but they will vote for Clarke in the same way the left of the Labour party were weary of the centre-right New Labour. They complained less (briefly) when the won the election though.


  1. PS: Does anyone else think Rory Bremner's Ken Clarke is very similar to his Chris Tarrant? They are a little bit similar in reality, more so when you exaggerate their speech mannerism...

  2. PPS: David Davis got a part time job to fund his education ... in the Territorial SAS! WFT!!! How can you be an SAS solider jsut at the weekend? These guys spend months doing operations... In related news, and confirmed by wikipedia, if you "sit the test" to be an SBS officer and fail you have qualified for entry into the SAS. It seems you have to pass the SAS test just to be put forward for the SBS test. Paddy Ashdown was an SBS commander before he entered the Houses of Parliament - how I'd love to read his real autobiography.