7 October 2005

How The Conservative Leadership Contest Will Go

Five men go in, only one walks out. Rifkind is the first to go and Davis wins by a large number of MPs' votes. Sir Malcolm then throws his support behind Ken Clarke as he shares his "One Nation Conservatism" ideas, despite disagreeing on Europe (which is a none-issue in this campaign). Next out is Dr Fox who backs his co-right wing candidate David Davis who is struggling, as too is David Cameron as he seems to be rather lightweight after his initial early showing. The "Tony Blair" tag is really hanging heavy around his neck. Cameron then goes out with Clarke and Davis very close. He instantly backs Ken (unsurprisingly) and more of his supporters come out and do the same. If had then gone to the MPs Ken would win with overwhelming support of 66% MPs. Instead the two remaining challengers step out to the members of the Party appeal for their votes. Davis' lack of orator qualities really start to hurt him as Clarke seems to be selling him self on his previous tax cuts and his "big beast" status. Two days before my birthday the result is announced with Ken winning with 61% of the votes despite the bulk of the party not liking his pro-Europe stance. Davis is humiliated and withdraws to the backbenches and it seems the Party have made a sensible choice. Being able to speak in public really does matter it seems. The "Churchillian" comeback is complete (no doubt helped by the fact that he is overweight, speaks his mind, drinks and smokes cigars).