9 October 2005

Cranium Inspires Comic Quips

Friday and Saturday night we played Cranium (get game, loads of fun). Each night the situations inspired me to come out with a truly amusing line that I am very happy with. The first night I read the yellow Spellbound question which was "Spell the word 'isthmus'". I wasn't certain how to pronounce it and made that clear. The team answering the question, possibly from watching too many of the Channel 4 US spelling contests, asked me to use it in a sentence. I gave them one. "The word you have to spell is 'isthmus'". The next night I read the answer to a charades type question before giving it to the team to try. As I handed it over I said "try that, as best you can". "It sounds like a place in the middle east doesn't it, 'as best you can'?". Very proud of those two, more so because of the amount of alcohol consumed.

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