21 September 2005

Wolf Creek - A Bit Too Creeky For My Liking

I heard about Wolf Creek a few months back and hoped it would be in the EIFF but it wasn't. As we drew closer to the cinema release it is advertised on so many buses it's untrue (despite being an 18 cert and clearly labelled as a horror film). I was right to be suspicious. This is a well made (acting and script) and well shot film that follows the same basic principles and plot points of slasher films of the last 30 years. The gory that has been hyped up is non-existent - even a friend of mine who doesn't really like this type of movie was shocked at the *lack* of gore following the hype. Why they bothered putting "based on real events" when it's not is beyond me. There are vague similarities between the "backpacker murders" committed by Ivan Milat and the recent Peter Falconio case (where the survivor was arrested as the killer until later witnesses proved she wasn't) in the same way the Texas Chainsaw Massacre is "based" on real events (inspired by Charles Manson in truth). I guess the only reason is to encourage more people to go and see it where if it was marketed in a similar way to the superior Haute Tension, then a damn site less people would go to see it. Treating it as the fictional movie that it is there are a few huge plot holes (cars and belongings) and the story is very linear with no surprises. The opening act is about 45 minutes long and *nothing* happens. Conversely the end is incredibly short which just shocks you, it's as if they ran out of money! I heard about the "knife on a human spine" before hand and I conjured up very shocking ideas of slicing down someone's spine and peeling their skin opening, as if you were skinning a plucked chicken. The actual scene is very lame and doesn't even need anything more than basic SFX to pull off. I must stress though it's not all bad. The bad guy, uncle Mikey, gave a very good performance and there were a few clever scenes but even some of them were repeated too much (keys in cars). They should have spent a lot more time working on the tension and delivering something original in terms of scenes and images. 3 bloodied knives out of 5 - quite average but better than the usual rubbish that comes out of Hollywood labelled horror.


  1. I have found this site by accident. Do you think anyone else apart from you reads it.

  2. Fair enough question, it's not like I advertise my site! I have a very powerful tool utilised on my website from Statcounter.com. It gives me so much information about people visiting my site, for example it tells me you search for "jeremy lion phill" and I was the number one and two links on Google! You should have noticed a few comments on the Perrier Award article by a poster called "Candice", also accessing my site from Clara.net and searching for Jeremy Lion in the early hours of the morning...

    After people who know me, the second group of people who read this site (from all over the world) are those searching the web for comedy / film reviews. Obviously for simple searches like "jermey lion" I'd be way down the list but if you add in an extra term (that I've written about) then chances are I'd rank quite highly. Early reviews of the Edinburgh Festival are also thin on the ground in cyberspace so I often appear quite highly then. My site is also popular for things that nobody else has posted about, such as "lassie knows 100 dogs" from biggametv which was actual a comment on this site rather than a post by me.

    After that you've got people genuinely finding the site by accident. MSN puts be an unbelievable 11th when searching for the mis-spelt "doctor phill" (I believe he only has one L). It concerns me when people search for "tattoo phill" or "www.gruesome.com" and get my page (those two did happen!).

    Finally you have the remain group of "Phill Gillespie". Another one has come across the site and I dare say others will if they indulge in searches for their names. The majority of this group is of course me. It's nice that people read and post to the site but also it acts as a record of my various thoughts and observations. It was also meant to store any new comedy material I come up with such as (for the first time online): We live in a world where for the past 1,000 years the dominate force on civilization has been hetro-sexual men. Why then is one of the worst things you can win called the "booby prize"?

    After that excessive ramble the answer is, just like yourself, several people of various backgrounds and countries read this site. The only people I wish wouldn't are the spammers who have just this week started trying to post spam links to sex pills and casinos on the site (which I guess means my site is valuable enough for them). I hope you'll read this site again and that maybe some bit of it will be useful for you...

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  3. If you want a horror that will really chill your bones, then try Toolbox Murders. I'd love to use a staplegun on someone.

  4. I take it that would be the 1978 version I take it and not the 2004 remake by Tobe Hooper... I'll watch it when you get around to watching Haute Tension ;-)

  5. Hmm, this film is only actually a 15 - that should have told me something about the level of horror in it!