29 August 2005

Snuff Movie

Snuff Movie kept every guessing until the very final seconds of the film to try to understand it. Written and directed by Bernard Rose (of Candyman fame) the plot is very twisted and you often feel split as to what is actually happening and that's exactly where the problem lies. Because you are detached trying to think about the (not especially graphic) scenes you are seeing in relation to the overall plot, you never feel engrossed in the movie or empathise with any of the characters. You always expect that you'll be fooled (again) any second now. For the final 10 minutes I think I figured out what the medium sized plot was all about (either that or their was a prop goof) but while I was 99% sure, I had no idea how to explain it or how it fitted in with the entire film. That may sound complicated and convoluted but believe me, the script really is. Well shot and well acted, but just not scary, even on a simple gore level (watch Haute Tension for that). Still worth watching for the clever story.

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