6 August 2005

Robin Ince - As Dumb As You

First time I've ever seen a comic based on another comic's reccomendation and probably the last. While a lot of his material is good it needs a lot more polishing and his presentation really needs working on. He really needed a projector as showing us print outs from the internet didn't work for me. He also messed up one big callback gag near the end by not seeding it in the opening 10 minutes. The show was also cut and lasted only 50 minutes - it seems he thought (incorrectly) he was running long so cut a decent chunk out bit. As I did say he did have some funny stuff and I can't complain too hard about a show that slates the Daily Mail and Gillian McKeith throughout (Gillian's new thing is the rainbow diet as she thinks similar coloured foods have similar benefits so she "reccomends" having every colour of the raindbow each day. I've got news for you Gillian, Skittles aren't good for you!). The best line in the whole piece was when he said he was in the US and messed up and was looked by a North American with a look of derision, "which is the lowest insult in the world". Definitely worth looking at again next year, maybe skip him year.

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  1. [...] Finally we have several new-ish performers who are well worth a look especially Russell Howard, Dutch Elm Conservatoire (strangely nominated for the Perrier last year even though they do not fit the criteria), Andrew Lawrence, Mark Watson, Will Smith (saw last year) and finally Sarah Kendall (my god, a woman, two years after seeing the awful Lucy Porter!). If you are looking for something a bit more mainstream try Danny Bhoy and Jeff Green. Robin Ince is worth a look if you’ve never seen him before. There are some free BBC Radio shows with a “Best of the Fest” line up, you just need to grab the tickets in advance. [...]